Stay awhile / 停留一會兒 Stay awhile Into my room he creeps Without making a sound Into my dream he peeps With his hair all long and hanging down How 房屋貸款he (she) make me quiver How he (she) make me smile With all this love I have to give him (her) I guess I'm gonna stay with him (her) awhile She 農地貸款brushed the curls from my eyes She drop her robe on the floor She reaches for the light on the bureau And the darkness is her pillow once more I guess 負債整合I'm gonna stay with you awhile 停留一會兒 他潛入我的房間 沒有發出半點聲響 他窺視我的夢境 透過他那披垂的髮 他(她)不禁使我顫抖 他(她)不禁使我微笑資產管理公司 為了所有獻給他(她)的愛 我想我會留下來陪他(她)一會兒 她撥開我眼前捲曲的長髮 她褪去長袍,掉落在地板上 她的手伸向桌上的燈 枕上又陷入一片黑暗 我想我會多陪支票貼現你一會兒
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